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How does the service work?

We will take care of the whole proces for moving into your new rental property.

Please see below a summarize, one of our agents can explain in details:

1) Intake with the client, this can be done online but also on location

2) Property tour with one our agents and our car, we try to show as many properties as possible, so that there is enough choice to choose from

3) Contract discussion and negotiations, we do this together and for the candidate

4) “Settling” meet all required applications, Gas, electricity and water, insurance, bank accounts etc.

5) Good contacts with day-care’s, schools, sports clubs etc.

6) Complete registration at the town hall (BSN)

7) Our own plumbers, handyman's etc.

8) Own community, with occasional organized get-togethers, to help meet new people

We also offer:

1) Arranging visa's

2) Airline tickets

3) 30% ruling applying

4) Moving furniture service

5) Furniture rental

6) Assisting in buying a house.

How much does the service cost?

The brokerage fee is equal to one month rent + VAT, this will be charged afterword’s when you are complete settled

When do I pay the fee?

This will be charged afterword’s when you are complete settled.

How long will it take that I found a house through Dutchrelocate?

The moment when the papers are filled in we start immediately with the search, experience says that within two or three days we can do the first viewings. Setting up an offer and getting the confirmation would take average 2 days. Discuss this with one of our agents and he will be able to give you an estimation.

Do you guys have more properties then what are published on internet?

We are able to show you all the available properties on the market, but we also have owners that first contact us if we have clients, before they put it on the market.

Do you guys do recommendations on area’s?

Of course, we don’t want any disappointment afterword’s from clients, so we always go for the best locations, we have a lot of relocation experience, so we can complete understand what people are looking for.

Why would I go for Dutchrelocate?

1) We are locals, all brokers around Hoofddorp, Haarlem & Amsterdam are known and we cooperate with them.

2) Many homes that are not yet on the market are first registered with us to see if we have "expats" for them

3) We are always available, if something is wrong, we are also ready to help in the evenings and weekends

4) Incredibly fast, many challenging assignments already had (for example people who already needed a key tomorrow)

5) Flexible, we also do viewings virtually

Can you find a place when I am abroad?

Yes, we can! We do it a lot, we can go for you to the properties and schedule a skype viewing or make some video’s

How do we get the utilities ready?

We need to have the meter readings from the starting date to arrange the utilities after we received the keys. They will not cut you off, so we will have enough time. The only requirement is that we need a Dutch Bank account.

Rental Agreement

What kind of contracts are there in NL?

Agents will mostly use two different kinds of contracts:

  1. Definite, this is an agreed end date, the advantage for you would that you can terminate the contract from the starting date with a notice of one month
  2. Indefinite, (most chosen by owners and agents) This is a contract where they will force you to stay one or sometimes two years, after this you are able to terminate it with one-month notice, the advantage for this contract is that the owner can not terminate anytime.

What do I need to earn to rent an apartment?

It’s standard that most agents ask for a gross salary of 3 times the rental price. Some agents are even more strict and ask 4 times.

How does it work with terminating my contract?

To terminate your contract, you need to confirm it by post or email to the owner or to the person who is responsible for the management. Keep in mind that you have a notice period of an calendar month. Also check the end-date of your rental agreement.

How much does Gas, water, electricity and internet cost?

For one-person gas & electricity would be between the 60-100 euro’s depending on the usage and the isolation of the house. Water would be around 15 euro’s and good reliable internet connection around the 50 euro’s.

What about animals, is this a problem?

Animals are not a problem, just keep in mind that owners do not like to rent a furnished place to tenants with pets, because of the risk of damage.

What does “including” and “excluding” mean?

Including means that the service costs are included, this could be all the utilities or specific ones such as internet, television or city taxes. Excluding is just the net rent price and that you have to pay the utiltites seperate.

What documents do I need to have for the house?

If we found a house and would like to put down an offer we will need the next documents:

  1. All passports
  2. Financial background, working contract, employer statement or if you are an entrepreneur your numbers of the last year
  3. Introduction
We will provide you the intent of lease, we will need this also signed. The agent will explain you during the tour.

What insurances do I need?

We have two obligated insurances that tenants need to have for the rental

  1. Liability insurance, this is for if you break something of somebody else
  2. Home insurance, in case you damage the furniture or machines of the owner

Do owners raise rental prices often?

An owner can raise the rent once per year with a maximum of 4%. It’s very hard to say if owners raise their rent, a lot of owners are looking for long term renters, by raising the rent they bigger the chance that tenants want to leave.

Rental House

What are the average prices per area? Haarlem, Amsterdam

The market price is raising very fast. Amsterdam is the top and everything around Amsterdam gets cheaper.

For a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Amsterdam you will pay approx. EUR 1600 excluding the bills.

For a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Haarlem you will pay approx. EUR 1250 excluding the bills

How much deposit can I expect to pay?

For a furnished property most owners will ask two months deposit

For an unfurnished property most owners will ask one month deposit

Can a landlord go into in my house?

Not without your permission.

How much are the city taxes?

These prices change every year, you can look it up on their websites

In Amsterdam it would be around EUR 400

In Haarlem it would be around EUR 300-400




We know what it is like to relocate to a new country. We've been there ourselves and are here to make sure you have a pleasant experience. Get in touch with one of our agents to discuss your preferences.


Our large network of Agents, Landlords and other expats help us to find the best properties for you. Together we schedule a tour and visit the chosen places.


The agent will walk with you through the contract and negotiate for you to get the best deal.


After confirmation and receiving the keys the agent will help you on all fronts to settle you down. During your rental period we are open to stay your first contact person.



We are local entrepreneurs with a big network.
We know al the local real estate agents,

and will find the best houses for you.




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